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She had been taken at the end of February, and tomorrow would be the first of May. Victoria stepped away from the podium, and one of her lawyers began taking questions from the crowd assembled in New York. Sam had declined to attend, and I supported his choice. Allison sniffed and turned the television off with her remote control.

Immediately the peace of her large and sunny living room comforted me and soothed my frayed nerves. It was Monday, her day off, and she was letting me decompress at her house. I have to admit I am getting a little tired of sharing Sam with her. I get that. But to rent a house in Blue Lake? Camilla made such a face when I told her. To me that seems like paranoia.

With Sam and John? I should visit Belinda at the library and put out some feelers.

Was England beautiful? The scenery, the landscapes of those little towns—just wonderful.

Well, you saw the pictures on Facebook. God, I took so many pictures, Allie! I could have stayed there forever. You know how she is. She was delightful. So much like Camilla, but her own distinct person. She was nice, although a bit distant. Philippa is a barrister. We had lunch in London. Oh, Lee, this is the life you always daydreamed about. A published book, and a house with Camilla, and a dreamy, mysterious boyfriend.

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So that although life for Lizzie is often exciting, or strange, or even rather scary, it is never, never dull. In this book, the author has written six new stories about one of the most delightful and best-loved characters in modern children's literature. Snell , part of Whitman's Fighters for Freedom series. A synopsis of Sally Scott can be found online. I thought it worth a try Also, just so ya know, it's not a children's book really. I mean we found it and it amused the heck out of us, but I don't think it would be "labeled" as a children's book. I really appreicate the help though, it would save me a few sleepless nights!

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This has a strong 'family resemblance' to the kind of thing that James Thurber wrote - often illustrating his books himself, with odd line drawings. Besides illustrating and writing children's books, Tomi Ungerer also draws quite adult, rather surreal cartoons, some with erotic or misogynist content. There have been a few collections of his work, including Adam and Eve, published London, Cape, ; and Testament, covering his work from , published London, Cape, Given the artist's name as remembered, one of these would be my bet. Weird black humor!! I would certainly look at Edward Gorey.

Check them out!

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Well, I don't know about the record, but the nursery rhyme Wynken, Blynken and Nod was written by Eugene Field and widely anthologized. It appears on LOTS of records! I find as many recordings of it as books. The only one I have is a recording by the Irish Rovers, but records come up all the time, including very old ones. You might be advised to keep doing searches on eBay; there is also some website devoted to old vinyl. Year I have two records with Wynken, Blynken and Nod. The cover is pink with a circus scene on the front and has 18 songs including Katie the Kangaroo, Over in the Meadow, Pop Goes the Weasel, and Clementine.

There are 82 songs and rhymes directed by Mitch Miller. Is it possible that Storm in the Bathtub makes mention of Halley's Comet? Maybe someone can help with that part. I do not know that song. The wonderful world of Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. Author s : Lande, Kay and Denning, Wade. RCA Camden, Contents: Wynken, Blynken, and Nod. W75 werepony: there's a rather odd book that may be it - Horse of Air , written and illustrated by L. Campbell , published Routledge , pages.

The author was 15 when she wrote it. Here she roams with her band of horses, having the ability to become one herself at any time. They journey through countries together, meeting were-wolves or Indians, or cowboys or people from small townships.

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With two or three of her horses she takes journeys back to "Reality" and occasionally in time. The portrayal of the horses is excellent and each becomes a real personality to the reader. Could this be one of the Random House Landmark series books for young people. The cover description and date sound right. Check out the lengthy list of titles.

Coast Guard, etc. W78 whitman christmas: the cover description sounds like The Christmas Book, Whitman , which is on the Solved List. The only difference is that the children are dancing hand-in-hand around the tree, though the garlands strung around it do give the impression that they are holding maypole ribbons. In this Ann falls asleep and she dreams she is flying out across the country atop the washer. The story is by Miriam Young and is attributed to Story Parade magazine.

I do not see an elf story here, however. Claire Huchet Bishop, Twenty and Ten , I'm a little uncertain whether this is the book referred to, except that the children in the book do act in a play as far as my memory serves me.

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Then German soldiers arrive. Twenty and Ten is based on a true story -- one of many similar incidents that took place all over Europe during World War II. It is a book that has much to say to children of any age. I still think the book you are looking for is something else, whose title I cannot recall, but a friend suggested a lot of plot elements are like Kathryn Lasky's The Night Journey. Claire Huchet Bishop, Twenty and Ten. This is the solution I coulnd't think of last time, and I believe I've got it now. I do not remember the title, but I taught this book to 6th graders in New Jersey.

You can ask the research librarian to look for the topic with Juvenile literature for 4th to 7th grade material, and she will probably find it. This book is back in print. My Hundred Children, Lena Kuchler , This is a book about a woman who helps children Holocaust survivors get to Israel. I remember very little about it and it is long out of print, but I thought it might help as it looks like this stumper hasn't been solved. I did, however, remember that the name of the main character is Lena or Leni, if that helps.

Also published under the title The Secret Cave Scholastic the story concerns French school children who vote to aid some Jewish children by hiding them at their convent school. There is no adult who is fleeing nor do the Jewish children escape from France in the end. The story merely ends with the Nazis departing, believing they were mistaken.