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So how do we get patients to be compliant with treatment? Changing behaviors and enhancing comprehension is a complex issue, but unraveling the intricacies begins with a strong patient-physician relationship. The patient and physician make treatment decisions together. Physicians need to first understand how best to empathetically communicate with patients so they clearly understand the treatment plan and what can happen if they do not participate in their own care.

To iterate this to patients, physicians and their staff need to be well versed in the treatment plan to best explain those benefits, as well as alternative treatment options Figure.

Action plan for better medical compliance among patients. Including empathy in our interactions with patients reflects our osteopathic training to treat the patient as an integrated unit.

Mind, body, and spirit must be addressed to achieve the best results. Patients also need to be invested in their own care and need to clearly understand treatment options as well as the complications and detrimental effects of noncompliance. Lown B. Sabate E. Adherence to Long-term Therapies: Evidence for Action.

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Non-compliance in gentamicin prescribing and administration: A patient safety issue

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Non-Compliance with Chemotherapy in the Oncology Patient with a Good Prognosis. Volume 1.

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Compliance With Medical Regimens: An Annotated Bibliography - John H. Mitchell,

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