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Lundberg coming? He can't get a plane out until the morning. And I'll be back in the morning-or I'll send my husband. He's trying to find someone to stay with my kids. I've got two sick ones. Won't this rain ever stop? No wonder Karen had an accident. Darrell pulled a man's black umbrella out of the umbrella stand.

She opened it wide to test. The girls know you're here - you've been here before, haven't you? I told the girls to make themselves sandwiches, but I saw some eggs That's the most important thing. She squeezed her eyes shut for a moment. I thought she looked younger but less pretty than Mrs. Her face was plumper. She nodded. She went outside, raising her umbrella immediately. I pulled the door shut, then wiped off my glasses. The tall grandfather clock under the stairway ticked loudly in the silence.

The heavy curtains were still open. The tall side windows must have faced the direction of the wind, for the rain was beating against them. I could see nothing in the dusk outside beyond the grey waves of water on the glass. The high-ceilinged room smelled of wax and pine. I stopped to look at the shadowy Christmas tree, a Norway pine with long, slender needles.

Books by Gordon Anthony

It was covered with curious ornaments of different shapes. I reached out to stroke the cold wood of the grand piano, then opened the French doors to the dining room.

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There were silver candelabra on the glossy mahogany table. The glass and china in the highboys against the wall tinkled slightly, jarred by my footfall. I remembered how I had turned on the chandelier the last time I was here, delighted by its crystal teardrops. But for some reason I did not feel like turning on a light just yet. I wanted to see the girls first. I blinked at the glare when I pushed open the kitchen door. All the heat and light in the house seemed to be gathered in that comfortable room with its bronze-colored appliances and shiny floor.

The three girls were sitting around the maple table. The smallest one was spreading peanut butter onto a piece of bread.

The Project Gutenberg eBook of The Secret Life , by Elizabeth Bisland

Christine, the oldest, was leaning over the table, her head in her arms. Lucia was drinking a glass of milk. She smiled at me. There was a white ring around her mouth. Christine lifted her head. Her eyes were red and swollen. She visibly swallowed her tears. Darrell had mentioned. And change my socks. It's really raining, isn't it? She was holding her slice of bread and peanut butter in one hand, and flinched away as I passed her to get to the radiator. I wished I could remember her name. Can I fix you something for supper? I hoped my tennis shoes would dry by morning.

I pressed my hands against the radiator to warm them up. She scooted her chair out, and ran across the kitchen. You just have to put it in the oven.

Guide Foundations of Crystallography with Computer Applications

We're not supposed to turn the oven on by ourselves. I finally found the right dial.

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She sighed heavily. I looked at Christine. She sat erect in her chair.

She wasn't crying now, but she was pale, and the skin beneath her eyes was faintly discolored. Her thin blond hair was pushed back behind her ears. She had large, dark blue eyes. I remembered that last year she had said she was eleven. Adele is learning the piano. I play the piano, too.

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She wrinkled her nose. I glanced at Adele, who had finished her peanut butter slice and was staring at me. She had curly light brown hair with red highlights in it.

Language: English

I thought she must be six or seven. I want mommy. I thought she was going to cry, but just then a large orange cat came out from under the table. I could hear Christine tuning her violin through the closed door. She began to play as I cut the pizza into even wedges.

I put a piece of pizza in front of Adele, but she pushed it away. She ran out of the kitchen with the cat jogging behind her. During the few moments that the door was open, I could hear Christine's music clearly. It made me shiver.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight - Audiobook

Lucia cocked her head. She had blond hair the color of Christine's, but it was cut short and curled around her ears. She hasn't begun over once. Adele came running back with a book in her hand, and again, while the door was open, the violin filled the kitchen. The beautiful notes were muffled as soon as the door was shut. Adele put the book in front of me. It was a heavy, old book with a tattered, rose-colored cover. I opened it to the ornate title page: The Sea Fairies by L. Frank Baum. It's made of pearl and coral and pink seashells. Trot is just an ordinary girl, and Captain Bill has a wooden leg.